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COO, Flip2Play


Co-founded Flip2Play, the world’s first fantasy gaming application with crypto trading capabilities. Currently serving as Chief Operational Officer in the organization. Scaled to 2.1 million users in 10 months with a unique marketing strategy..

Co-Founder, FV Wanderlust


Co-founded FV Wanderlust, a global travel agency that specifically serves international & yoga inbound tours. Created strategies to expand the company across Europe, Australia & Macau. Assisted in raising capital of $600K from a Korean investor. .

Founder, Cooretto


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Marketing Head, Medicare Facility


Served as marketing head & created healthcare campaigns like free health checkups, blood & plasma donations, etc., across the country for a reputable chain of hospitals. Carried out the campaigning project for both the payors & providers..

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About Sagar

Born & brought up in Delhi, Sagar Rai did his Masters in Business Administration from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. He believed that "becoming something isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. Rather it's a forwarding motion, a means of evolving, a way to become a better and more polished version of yourself. The journey doesn't end"..

A gamer since childhood and Passionate for gaming made Sagar rai turn his passion into a successful business endeavor. He ultimately founded "FLIP2PLAY" in 2021, which soon became a huge success. Sagar's presence of mind and intelligent approach turned this startup into a million-dollar business within a short period. Today he is a recognized and respected name in the gaming world..

A serial entrepreneur, business coach, strategic marketer, fitness enthusiast, and currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and face behind the success of India's leading fantasy gaming app or cricket live app "FLIP2PLAY"..


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    18 APRIL, 1993

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